make better business decisions 

Understand the Action Loop

Don’t Fall Victim to Information Overload 

Many companies struggle with data and not because they have trouble getting data, in fact, they get too much data. 

This sense of "information overload" can cause delays in decision making, interrupting the business cycle and inevitably costing you money. This is where the Action Loop can help. 

What is the Action Loop? 

It is a representation of the process that people and organizations use to grow, learn, and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. Understanding the Action Loop will help you clarify, translate, and organize the data you need for better, faster decisions.  

What good is all that data if you have no way of acting on it correctly? 

Trigger your courage to act by making the Action Loop a part of your daily business life, and little by little, you will see your company culture transforming into a data-driven one. 

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The Four Phases of the Action Loop:

Observation: Decide what to monitor and set KPIs

Decision: Identify what to change

Orientation: Analyze your data across dimensions 

Action: Test your hypothesis  

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