How Dublin Airport Succeeds with Data

Instant Insight

into every aspect of airport management
Duration: 45 minutes

Presented by:

  • Ray Cleary, BI Manager, Dublin Airport
  • Mikkel Oldenburg, TARGIT Senior Sales Manager

Airports need to answer critical questions every minute of every day: How many passengers should you expect at any given moment? What’s the average wait time? How many security lanes should you open?

Of course, there’s a good place to turn for answers: your data. But how do you combine data from different systems into one streamlined plan that helps employees learn in a data-driven way?

Join Ray Cleary, as he highlights how TARGIT helped world-class Dublin Airport. You’ll get their full data story, including:

  • Implementation of data & analytics process and business areas 
  • Methodology and why they’re moving to an agile approach
  • BI champion models which create competence centers in each business area like car parks, security and airport operations

Learn why TARGIT is tailor-made for the needs and regulations of the airport industry in this exclusive on-demand webinar.


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