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Add best-in-class embedded BI & analytics capabilities to your product.

Why Add BI & Analytics?

  • Meet customer demands and improve satisfaction by delivering the analytics they expect
  • Protect and increase your revenue with an enhanced product experience that users love
  • Get ahead of the competition by providing a superior product with the latest analytics trends
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"TARGIT understands the needs of our customers and have designed a solution that supports our business model.”


A Partnership that Works for Your Business

  • Focus your resources on continuously developing and improving your core offering
  • Get to market faster and reduce development costs with an analytics platform that is designed to be embedded
  • Increase user adoption with the advantage of a BI technology leader in user satisfaction
  • Benefit from a flexible business model that works with yours to support customers of every size

No. 1 in Mobile and Embedded BI

Customers have consistently given TARGIT top marks in the world's largest BI survey. 

Learn why 91% of TARGIT customers would recommend our BI & analytics platform.
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TARGIT offers a scalable platform built on an architecture that makes it easy to integrate with any product, with a strong user and data governance model. 

  • Improve customer satisfaction and user experience
  • Increase user adoption
  • Increase revenue by attracting new business and improving customer retention rate
  • Reduce development and maintenance costs

Mastering Embedded BI

Learn how to integrate dashboards and reports in your app

Partners Who Rely on TARGIT

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