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TARGIT doesn't stop at software sales. The power of TARGIT lies in the league of people and resources available to you every step of the way on your journey to become a data-driven organization.

Introducing TARGIT Momentum

TARGIT Momentum is the proprietary framework that TARGIT consultants and partners use to understand your business and build the right implementation plan for every customer. It consists of a four-step Business Discovery Toolkit & Solution Design.

Business Discovery Toolkit

step 1

Map your BI needs

We guide you through the steps of increasing the amount, complexity, and utilization of data inside and outside of your organization.

step 2

Measure what matters

We work with you to prevent information overloard and ensure everyone is focused on the most important KPIs.

step 3

Establish the best BI strategy

We help you define and optimize your BI strategy around the Action Loop so you're empowered to make more, faster, better decisions.

step 4

Ensure wide BI adoption

We help you understand who the BI users are in your company and how they work best with business intelligence.

The Solution Design

Once we align on your business priorities, we discuss the solution design, and find the approach to best match your unique business strategy.


TARGIT’s own in-memory technology offers extreme flexibility and high performance. Add data directly to the database for smaller projects, or add the data from the enterprise data warehouse. New solutions are often built on TARGIT InMemory or Microsoft Tabular.

Multidimensional databases

TARGIT Decision Suite is plug-and-play for companies with exiting multidimensional cubes in place, so there’s no need to switch platforms. This is a strong option for companies with large amounts of data or those that require complex data modelling.

Direct to data source

TARGIT Decision Suite connects directly to data sources so users can monitor operations in real time. We also use this method to connect directly to your data warehouse for specific cases of financial reporting.


“The implementation team is the differentiator and that’s where TARGIT stands at the front of the line. Good honest dialogue, no surprises; those are the characteristics that describe TARGIT.”


The Roles of TARGIT Consulting

Project Manager

Your Project Manager is the key to navigate the ocean of data. Breaking down complex BI projects into actionable action plans is what they do best. With years of experience in the BI domain and many specific industrial verticals, they know how to onboard your project and keep it humming successfully.

BI Solutions Architect

Our BI solution Architects have years of experience with common data warehouse technologies to build agile data warehouses and cubes, in particular with the Microsoft BI stack. There’s nothing they get their professional kicks from more than transforming your data sources into simple-to-use cubes. With a solid understanding of the business perspective, they model the right solutions for your agile BI rollout.

Digital Experience Manager

Our Digital Experience Managers help center your BI project around your business objectives. With the TARGIT Momentum framework in place, the Digital Experience Manager will fast forward you through your BI journey, guiding and supporting you every step of the way. By getting you started with compelling dashboards, analyses and reports, they’ll give you everything you need to become self-sufficient.

BI Developer

Your detail-oriented BI Developer understands the ins and outs of your BI platform. They specialize in extracting data from wherever you need it, transforming it to align across business units, and helping your company uncover an abundance of insight. Robustness and quick resolutions is what drives them in an ever changing business world – always prepared for the future.

TARGIT Community

When you become a TARGIT Decision Suite user, you join the dynamic TARGIT community.  Get access to the people and resources created to ensure your BI project's success.


"The wealth of experience in TARGIT transcends just TARGIT [software]. They have an incredible wealth of knowledge of BI in general."


Our international teams of specialists are ready to help you plan the BI and analytics project that's right for you

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