TARGIT Decision Suite


simple self-service analytics

Corporate BI & 
data visualization

TARGIT Decision Suite is the only business intelligence platform that offers visual data discovery tools, self-service business analytics, reporting, and stunning dashboards in a single, integrated solution.

Experience synergy between employees of every department, your systems, and your software.

TARGIT supports the decision-making process in a world that's changing faster than ever.


More than software

TARGIT Decision Suite is built on the philosophy that decision makers should be able to make intelligent business decisions faster. Everything inside is designed to bring you from observation of changes in data to action that drives your company forward. TARGIT’s business intelligence software combines all the disciplines—from financial reporting to self-service visual data discovery—in one business intelligence platform that can be deployed across the entire organization.

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Interconnected Features

Experience one cohesive, easy-to-learn business intelligence platform instead of a range of individual tools.
Display the current state of the business with dashboards that reflect KPIs—from the big strategic goals down to the measures for each department and employee.
Learn about dashboards
By typing in natural language with the Intelligent Wizard. Complete interconnectivity means you can drill down instantly to get answers.
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data discovery
Make data discovery available in a way that’s best for your organization. Give individual users the power to add data sources and create new data models while maintaining a centralized solution where they can customize reports on your terms.
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TARGIT’s reporting solution is directly integrated into your analytics engine. Choose between push or pull reports. And with hyper-relations you're always just one click away from making your report interactive.
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easy deployment
Business decisions aren't made in dark server rooms; they're made in board rooms, at the airport, and at meetings with customers and partners.
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TARGIT gives standard charts and gauges, and also lets you expand your solution with visualizations from the app store or design your own gauges with the free gauge builder.
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Read how you can discover the most important
data and become a truly data-driven company

Best practices

Best practices for determining the leading indicators that matters most for your company.

KPI Worksheet

A printable KPI worksheet for inspiration on taking your company to the next level of becoming data-driven.


The difference between leading and lagging indicators and why they make a BIG difference in how you see your business.

"TARGIT is the first thing I see in the morning when I get up."


Centralized BI

How do you combine the control of a centralized BI solution with the flexibility of a decentralized solution? TARGIT gives you the best of both worlds.

TARGIT Decision Suite is an enterprise-wide platform with a vast range of deployment options that can bring centralized business intelligence to everyone in the organization. The solution’s self-service capabilities enable business users to create their own reports and analyses, eliminating IT bottlenecks.

Learn how business intelligence users of any role can take advantage of TARGIT’s self-service analytics.

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journey here

Every organization has its unique BI starting point. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a new solution to handle your financial reporting, or a way to enable the power users in your organization to create new data models and interactive analyses and dashboards, TARGIT Decision Suite is the solution you need.

But it doesn’t stop there. TARGIT is designed to take you on every step of your BI journey.
Learn how TARGIT adapts to meet the growing needs of your organization.

Are you ready to become a
data-driven organization?

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