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TARGIT Decision Suite 2019

Tune in to our official webinar to get an in-depth look as we dive into the awesome new 2019 features.

What's New in 2019?

Introducing the complete end-to-end platform for enterprise analytics, integrated reporting, and more intelligent design than ever before.

It’s empowering people with insight. It's the solution you've been waiting for.

TARGIT Decision Suite 2019

watch What's inside

"We had the opportunity to test TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 Beta. TARGIT has taken huge, but also necessary steps, in the hard competition against other BI vendors such as Power BI. 

With the new version, there's no doubt about TARGIT's purpose and position in the market, and that's why TARGIT Decision Suite is our preferred BI solution."

New Design Experience

The new and improved TARGIT Canvas offers an incredibly user-friendly design experience.

Object multi-select & grouping

Freely size, align, group, and distribute objects anywhere on the canvas.


An improved user-friendly design experience

"What I truly love about the 2019 version is the fact that it enables all of our users - both experienced and new - to implement their creative ideas around dashboard and report design."

Fully Integrated Reporting

The new integrated reporting engine puts all the control in your hands. A report is now an integrated part of a document, and not just another layout within the document. It renders both dashboards and reports created in the same place – the TARGIT Canvas – so you only need one skill set to do both.

Report design

Designing reports is as simple as selecting a report layout. You can even design multi-page reports with different page layouts. The seamless report design makes it easy to place all objects and content anywhere on the page, just like when designing dashboards. There is actually no real difference when it comes to single page design.

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Save time with integrated reporting

“When we came up with the concept for the new reports, we looked at each other and said, ‘Can we really make it that simple?’ Yes, we could.”

Super Intelligent Documents

Design objects once in the TARGIT Document Model and reuse them across all the layouts in the same document, from desktop, phone, tablet, web, and report layout.

Multiple in-document layouts & orientations

Save and re-use designs in a free flow canvas. Design output for all devices and preferred orientation (portrait or landscape). Apply the same layouts, designs, colors, branding, and more throughout new documents quickly and easily with the new TARGIT Document Model.

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Documents don't get more intelligent than this

“Our super intelligent documents are a brand-new way of thinking. Both versatile, simple and really effective. This is a major time saving feature."

Powerful Mobile Apps

A faster, more robust mobile experience with a more intuitive UI.

Mobile dashboards

Designers can design layouts specifically for mobile devices. Mobile devices are orientation-aware.

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Better Mobile experience

“You can now design layouts that are orientation aware. It allows for greater diversity in terms of creating visualizations customized for the specific mobile platform.”

New - Latest Update

New functionalities include new scheduling and central administration of slideshows running on different monitors and/or locations, slideshow capability and support for our brand-new Tabs feature in TARGIT Anywhere, an updated report engine with support for advanced iterations of report sections to offer an even more powerful reporting experience.

Generic Embedding

This updated feature lets you embed the same way regardless of which “host system” you’re using. Generic Embedding only requires one insertion of TARGIT-generated permalinks into your HTML source. One single insertion and it works.

Features Overview

Webinar On-Demand

A New Analytics Experience Awaits: Introducing TARGIT Decision Suite 2019

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Our biggest release ever

"Everything you loved about TARGIT just got better. Get ready to experience the new standard of BI!"

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