Real-time dashboards

Track your KPIs

TARGIT is more than dashboards. Align your entire company around the same goals with TARGIT’s dashboard software.
Experience how real-time insight into your KPIs will help you make better strategic decisions and improve operations.

Build & design BI dashboards

TARGIT lets you combine data from any of your different internal or external data sources to get the overview you need. Link actuals and goal value, and create comparisons against the average of other business units, sales persons, or productions lines.

TARGIT comes with a range of pre-built gauges and charts to display data the way you want. Want more personalization? The gauge builder tool lets you create custom gauges for your unique needs.
measure what matters

Measure what Matters

There are endless possibilities for creating business intelligence dashboards with TARGIT Decision Suite. But business intelligence is as much process and strategy as its technology.

We’ll help you choose the right metrics to follow to ensure you’re getting the most out of your dashboard software
Read more on how we help customers measure what matters.

More than Data

it's your world
Running your business is a lot like driving your car. And you can’t do either properly without your dashboard. You need real-time access to information of the current state of operations with the ability to monitor surrounding traffic to steer the course or estimate new routes based on challenges ahead.

TARGIT gives you dashboard software for every purpose--from real-time operational dashboards to the dashboards that monitor your strategic initiatives.

Increase User Adoption

Building great dashboards is only the first step in creating a data-driven business environment. If dashboard software isn't put in front of the people who need them, BI will never be adopted company-wide. With TARGIT Decision Suite, there’s an option for everyone to get the dashboards they need where they need them.
Windows and WEB clients
Users have access to both Windows and Web clients, making TARGIT accessible from any computer.
Mobile devices
Get real-time access, editing, and sharing capabilities for your dashboards from your mobile devices.
Embedded BI
Embed dashboards directly into the business applications where people work.

Display your dashboards and key metrics on screens throughout the organization.

Embed dashboards directly into the SharePoint portal through a simple point-and-click integration.

Design for action

TARGIT's hyper-relation feature lets users see the underlying analytics and drill down to the details to discover if and why they're off course. 

With conditional coloring, visibility features, and custom gauges, it's easy to see where action is needed. 

Role-based dashboards

Business intelligence isn't one-size-fits-all, but creating unique dashboards for every user isn't efficient. 

That's why TARGIT® BI dashboards automatically reflect pre-selected filters for each business area. The same dashboards display data differently for different users. You control access to the underlying data by user or roles.

Ready to take it for a spin?

You don't need to be an IT expert to build a dashboard in TARGIT. Try it now on your own data with a free 30-day trial and see for yourself.

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