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TARGIT is more than data visualization. This is the key to understanding the story behind your data. With TARGIT Decision Suite, you get interconnected charts and gauges - no configuration necessary.

Let TARGIT recommend visualizations...

TARGIT’s Intelligent Wizard search tool makes data visualization simple for every user. Use natural language queries to search for data and the system will automatically create dashboards, reports, and analytical views based on data visualization best practices.

TARGIT takes your personal viewing preferences and usage history into consideration to deliver results tailored to you. If you’re exploring new business areas, the system automatically looks at what other users in your organization are using so you always end up with the most relevant results.

...or build them from scratch

The power users in your organization that want to get their hands dirty with advanced tools for data manipulation and presentation can build everything from scratch for full top to bottom customization.

There are endless options for custom visualizations and calculations that make tracking KPIs a thing of beauty.

See solutions customized for your industry

Automatically connected charts & gauges

When data comes to life in interactive charts and gauges, it’s easy to find outliers and trends to investigate further in a single click. Every chart is automatically interconnected, enabling users to drill down across charts until the underlying transactions that explain patterns in the data are found.

TARGIT Decision Suite includes gauges and charts as standalone apps so users can add, update, or change gauges whenever they want. It’s your data, display it the way you want to see it.

Enhance Visualizations Illustration

Enhance your visualizations

Adding new charts to a data visualization is easy. Search for specific dimensions or browse for new dimensions to add to an existing view. Choose the chart you want to tell the story or let the system choose the appropriate chart type for you.

When you need to explore beyond current data, it’s now easier than ever to expand your possibilities with new data sets from within your company or an external data source. Read more about TARGIT’s data discovery options.

Ready to take it for a spin?

You don't need to be an IT expert to create impactful data visualizations in TARGIT. Try it now on your own data with a free 30-day trial and see for yourself.

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