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Embedded BI

BI where you need it

Open your BI reports and analyses directly inside the applications you use most.

The many benefits of embedded BI

Access all the TARGIT Decision Suite power you already depend on inside the applications you currently use the most. No more clicking between applications to find the answers your need. See what happens when you always have instant access to the data you need to make decisions with TARGIT Anywhere.

True to its name, TARGIT Anywhere places your BI in any browser or application. Embed TARGIT Decision Suite in your company portal, business applications, or public-facing website.

This lightweight client gives users access to all the same dashboards, reports, and analyses that they have in the full client with core functionality for drilling down into the details.

Company Portal

company portal

Display your company's most important metrics in interactive dashboards, analyses, and reports within the company portal so employees have a one-stop-shop for all of their internal needs.
Business Applications

business applications

Insert TARGIT Decision Suite inside your various business applications such as your ERP or CRM system and give users access to the data they need to make decisions without having to click through applications.
Public facing

public-facing website

Let anyone harness the power of TARGIT Decision Suite's interactive dashboards so they can easily click through compelling data visualizations to dig deep into data right from your website.

Even more functionality for Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint

Try embedded BI for yourself

Just click the dashboard below to launch TARGIT Anywhere right here. Click through the dashboard to drill deeper into the numbers and see the interactivity at work. 


BI available where you work

Context-aware dashboards
Dashboards and analyses are context aware within systems. Users only see the data they need to make better decisions.
Make it your own
Fully customize your embedded dashboards with company colors and tailor-made objects for a single, seamless user experience.
user adoption
Increase user adoption

Simplifying the BI process leads to increased usage. Slash the learning curve and let employees dig right in to the systems they already use everyday.


BI is all about giving decision makers access to data they need. Embedded BI takes that one step further by delivering it right inside applications. This is BI as it was meant to be. 

Leif Vestergaard, TARGIT CEO

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