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data integration

all your data in one place

Every system that supports organizational processes generates and stores valuable company data. TARGIT integrates data from all of those systems and delivers the entire picture of your company, your processes, and your world.

Analyze all data

TARGIT Decision Suite seamlessly connects with any type of data source. Connect to your databases, operational systems, external data, and IoT devices.
TARGIT Laptop Data Sources

Flexible integration options

There are many options for integrating data with TARGIT Decision Suite. Let’s talk about your BI ambitions to help you get started quickly for the fastest possible return on investment.
TARGIT Architecture

Four data integration options

TARGIT Decision Suite’s bimodal BI platform caters to both IT and business users. Combine data integration options as needed to support the differences in data needs across the entire organization.

Self-service data integration

With the front-end data discovery interface, business analysts can connect to and mashup data from any source. TARGIT Data Discovery and Data Mashup delivers supreme flexibility without compromising on security and data governance. IT specialists can prototype data models before taking on new data integration projects.

In-memory databases

TARGIT’s own in-memory technology offers extreme flexibility and high performance. Add data directly to the database for smaller projects, or add the data from the enterprise data warehouse. New solutions are often built on TARGIT InMemory or Microsoft Tabular.

Multidimensional databases

TARGIT Decision Suite is plug-and-play for companies with existing multidimensional cubes in place,  so there’s no need to switch platforms. This is a strong option for companies with large amounts of data or those that require complex data modelling.

Direct to data source

TARGIT Decision Suite connects directly to data sources so users can monitor operations in real time. We also use this method to connect directly to your data warehouse for specific cases of financial reporting.
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"Now I spend time analyzing information rather than preparing data."


We support every and any use case by company size, industry, and source system. Let's talk about the integration options that fit your company.

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