TARGIT Deployment


one central location for full control

The TARGIT Server is the heart of TARGIT Decision Suite. Manage all of your BI from a central location without sacrificing security or flexibility for end-users.

Actionable insight delivered to every decision maker

Raw BI power meets simple self-service analytics in the TARGIT Server. TARGIT transforms data of any size and from any source into easily consumable reports, dashboards, and analyses delivered to every client type.

Experience true enterprise scalability with robust data governance you can trust for a truly data-driven organization.

Manage BI from a central location

All the control is at your fingertips with the TARGIT Management tool

Role based data access

User-friendly functionality allows you to control data access. This includes access to specific dimensions and measures, forced filters, favorites, and startup analysis.


TARGIT's security options ensure enterprise-level security for all of your data.


All of your dashboards, reports, and settings are stored in a single location for easy management and backup. Every user has access to the information they need from all devices.

Data storage management

Manage all of your data sources in a single, cohesive location. Connect to existing data models or data sources and build new data models.


Experience true synergy across the entire organization by managing user access across departments. Small business or enterprise, TARGIT has the fit across users, servers, and licenses.

Licenses, features, & functions

Easy overview of your license stock and role-based detailed control down to specific features and functions.

Scheduled notifications

All scheduling and notifications can be monitored from TARGIT Management or executed on demand.

Language options

Manage your language layers and ensure users around the globe can browse the same reports, analyses, and dashboards in their native language.

On-premise, Cloud, or SaaS

There are a number of different ways a TARGIT solution can be deployed. Whether you’re looking for an on-premise installation or hosted solution, TARGIT has a variety of options to fit your needs. We offer flexible pricing with the opportunity to buy or lease your solution.

Add on modules

Give you TARGIT Decision Suite added power with any of these additional tools

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting handles batch distribution of reports, analyses, and Storyboards to a folder or by e-mail that simultaneously filter to show only individual recipients’ data.

Data Discovery

TARGIT Data Discovery offers powerful options for adding new data for ad-hoc analysis. A range of out-of-the-box connections to external data sources are included. Users can mash up data from different sources for a new perspective on the numbers. Connect to databases, web services, and import flat files.

Integration Kits

Bring insight to the platforms where users are already working most such as company portals, SharePoint, or ERP, and CRM systems. TARGIT’s embedded BI client, TARGIT Anywhere, gives users full access to all the same dashboards, analyses, and reports with the same core functionality as they have in the full client.


Get instant access to your reports and analyses wherever, whenever with TARGIT Mobility. From the runway to the fairway, you’re always in the know with TARGIT’s automatic notifications delivered to iOs, Windows, and Android devices.


Deliver dashboards to monitors, television screens, and touch screens throughout the organization. This gives employees from the shop floor to the board room access to the most important KPIs at a glance. Automatic updates timed to your preference make for real-time storytelling of company goals.

Licensing options that work for you

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