Build a complete view of your website and visitors

Full analytics for your Sitecore solution

TARGIT delivers an-out-of-the-box solution that snaps on top of your experience profile data for deep analytical capabilities on customer data to share throughout your organization. With TARGIT Decision Suite and the pre-built Sitecore solution, you get access to all customer data together with campaign and content data so you can clearly see how content and campaign efforts are generating results.


Insight for the entire organization

TARGIT Decision Suite is an enterprise-ready platform that delivers data to everyone who needs it. Empower content developers, sales reps, product team members, and app developers and watch data-driven decision making take flight. Users can access the full analytics solution or context-aware web or embedded clients inside your CRM or ERP systems.

Get started with pre-built dashboards and reports

TARGIT for Sitecore comes standard with all the most important measures and dimensions right out of the box. The range of pre-built dashboards and reports gets users up and running quickly with user-friendly tools to help marketers build their own dashboards to match their unique business needs and analyze across all the areas seen below.


The standard TARGIT for Sitecore package includes data from the Sitecore Campaign Manager that lets users track, monitor, and compare different campaigns. The solution can easily be adjusted to other campaign management tools, providing fast return on investment across all channels.

  • Cost per click
  • Cost per page event/goal completion
  • Cost per outcome
  • Cost per value point
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign group
  • Campaign taxonomy
  • Channel
Get instant insight into the cost of generating goal completions, values, and Sitecore outcomes by channel, campaign group, or any other custom taxonomy set on campaigns.


Sitecore’s most powerful distinction is the platform’s ability to link users across devices and sessions to reveal how each individual is using your website. TARGIT Decision Suite delivers experience profile data to everyone in your organization so they have all the knowledge they need about your customers to make better business decisions.
  • Contact information
  • Number of visits
  • Pages seen
  • Page events
  • Contact value
CRM data can be seamlessly integrated into the data model to uncover more insight than ever before. Create custom triggers in dashboards to prompt activities in other systems so you can easily take action on changes in your data.


Understand your website traffic patterns down to how visitors on different devices and from different channels are interacting with your content and creating value. Set up agents to monitor development from specific sources, channels, or areas. Some of the dimension and measures available out of the box include:

  • Number of interactions
  • Interaction value
  • Time on page/site
  • Interactions cost
  • Geo code
  • Device and browser
  • Channel
  • Visit index
TARGIT makes it easy to combine the interaction data with campaign and page event data. Users also have access to advanced attribution modeling so you can be sure your marketing activities are valued in accordance with your business objectives.

Page Events

Analyze page events across your entire website. TARGIT Decision Suite allows for differentiation between goals and page events with or without value. Get actionable insight to data on slow loading pages or forms with high dropout rates to improve the customer experience.
  • Cost per page event
  • Number of page events
  • Page event value
  • Page event name
  • Average page event value

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