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75% of international airports are still using delayed, silo-based data – is your airport among those? Prepare your airport for the future of travel with TARGIT Decision Suite.

Dashboards for Better Airport Management

Insight into passenger predictions and search activity performance produced by TARGIT has been shown to boost efficiency by up to 15 percent further than what is capable in an Excel-based planning setup. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Executive overview

Queue waiting time for departing passengers is the main focus of the dashboard. This is an important KPI for the passenger and overall travel experience. Even the most detailed and well-designed forecast of passenger profiles can be off due to surprise factors in non-linear travel behavior. This lets you know.

Central Search Activity

Resource allocation and planning is based on forecasts with a potential deviation, and the predictive full queue KPI signifies operational challenges. The forecast is based on a passenger profile, which may have a fluctuating impact on non-linear passenger behavior.

Search / tray performance

From the Search Activity Performance dashboard, it’s possible to measure throughput per hour on trays. It is equally important to keep an eye on the alarm rate of the Walk Through Metal Detector (WTMD). From this example, we see a need for inspection on WTMD 7 as the alarm rate hits 12%, which has a potential impact on the queue in real time and throughout the day.

Pax Overview

PAX overview on airliners, destinations for cities and countries – drive growth through data visibility.

Smiley Kiosks

Smiley face kiosks collecting information for local and shared services which are measured and presented to improve customer satisfaction.
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Real-time Insight 

All your data at your fingertips: From flight numbers to PAX numbers, operating margins to expenses, and delays to cancellations, the list of data streaming in that airport decision-makers need seems to go on forever. TARGIT Decision Suite helps you eliminate information overload and focus on the data that matters most to your business. TARGIT Decision Suite is a single decision-making platform designed for your needs in the airport management industry.

All of your KPIs are delivered in clear dashboards and analyses. Drill down into numbers for greater insight than ever before. And share that insight easily and securely with decision-makers in every department.

This is business intelligence and analytics designed for airports.
Quote big

"TARGIT lives up to our high expectations for data governance, and has a high user adoption across our business units." 

Ray Cleary, BI Manager, Dublin Airport

Airports Who Rely on Insights from TARGIT

Are You Acting on Real-time Data?

Stop guessing the number of expected passengers per hour.
Know the predicted number per minute.
Airport Operations

Analyze across your various operational systems. Boarding card scans, queue measurement, walk through metal detectors, x-ray machines, and everything else you need for airport efforts.

Car Parks
The parking process and an important initial touch point with your customers. An optimized car park ensures improved passenger experiences and a better bottom line.
Direct Retail

Know your peak hours and allocate resources accordingly. Insight into KPIs such as store traffic patterns and average customer spend ensures faster decisions and better preparation. 

Get instant access to end-to-end visibility and control of your P&L. Support growth and bottom line results with tools to analyze and predict cost and performance.

BI can help you meet ambitious business goals by measuring, planning, and controlling human resource management activities such as FTES, headcount, and absences. 

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Better Passenger and Employee Experience from Curb to Gate

Learn how you can improve end-to-end airport operations with analytics

Optimize Your Airport Operations

The future of travel is not linear. Because travel behavior is not linear. Those that plan that way will undoubtedly fail. Prepare your airport for the future of travel today. 

Reach out to TARGIT Airport Expert Mikkel Oldenburg and learn more about how we can improve your airport operations.

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