Field of grain

Business intelligence for

Food and beverage

real value from your data

Make sense of all the data generated from farm to consumers with self-service business intelligence.

Better BI Means Better Decisions

Combine data from every part of your organization -- from forecasting to distribution and everything in between. Empowering the entire organization with access to comprehensive self-service analytics creates an agile decision-making machine.

Scheduled reports, alerts and notifications, and centralized user access management are designed to help your optimize company operations.

Monitor manufacturing

Create efficient manufacturing lines and decrease recall risk.

Control inventory

Monitor inventory turns to keep costs in check and benchmark against industry standards. 

Sales and pipeline tracking

View all active sales channels in a single dashboard and identify weak areas before they impact your business. 

Get the Whole Picture

You need a clear overview of all of your data in order to ensure your business performs its best. Most companies are drowning in data without the right tools to create an easy overview. TARGIT solves that problem by providing users with only the data they need when they need it. 

Designing the Best BI strategy

means knowing where to start

No matter where you're starting from, it's good to assess with how BI fits in to your business. With our guide on how to build a successful plan, you'll be making better, more efficient decisions faster. 

Action Loop
Egg processing

"The opportunity for easily accessible ad-hoc analyses and easy-to-do financial reports makes us wise on our business and enables us to act more effectively and make better decisions. It’s an established fact that our investment in business intelligence has very much paid off."

Hans Christian Lei, DANÆG CFO

A Selection of our Customers in Food & Beverage

danaeg Launis

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