BI for oil and gas

Business intelligence for

the oil & gas industry

end-to-end insight

TARGIT Decision Suite delivers instant and accurate insight into financial and operational data

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Fast and accurate reporting

All your data at your fingertips: TARGIT Decision Suite delivers fast and accurate financial and operational reports for full insight into what's working and what's not. User-friendly dashboards help identify how to reduce costs and optimize revenue.

Eliminate information overload and focus on the data that matters most to your business.

All of your KPIs are delivered in clear dashboards and analyses. Drill down into numbers for greater insight than ever before. And share that insight easily and securely with decision-makers in every department.
This is business intelligence and analytics designed for oil and gas companies.

Instant insight into every aspect of business

Lease Operating Expenses

Track all well-related expenditures to reduce costs whenever possible and make decisions based on projected costs

Lease Operating Statements

Create a customized statement at any level of your organization’s structure with the click of a mouse and then drill down dynamically

capital spend

Ensure every project is within budget and on track for completion by managing Authorization for Expenditures (AFEs) better with an understanding of your YTD expenditures

company performance

Instant insight into areas such as Revenue, Lease Operating Expense (LOE), Cash flow, and Production

cash flow

Monitor the financial health of the organization with detailed insight into company cash flow

vantage oil and gas

"In my experience, it proves difficult for oil and gas operations and accounting to always work together in a fast-paced, rapid-growth environment with many different applications housing information, but TARGIT was able to take our needs from both departments and build a product that made the two appear seamless from a data standpoint."

dustin griffith, director of it, vantage energy

Delivering insight to some of the most trusted names in the industry

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oil and gas BI

Analytics for the oil & gas industry will change the way you do business

Take a peek under the hood

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