business Intelligence for 


a comprehensive overview of all activities

Data provides municipalities with a strong basis for decision-making. Create an overview and gain critical insight with TARGIT. 

A Presentation Tool That Connects the Dots

The days of disparate systems and disconnected data are over. All information is made accessible in a single, cohesive platform. TARGIT Decision Suite delivers a single version of the truth, ensuring every user starts from the same point for data analysis. This saves time and resources, optimizes decision making, and and streamlines organizational processes. 

A User-Friendly Platform

Users from every department and of any technical skill level will be able to take advantage of TARGIT's self-service analytics. TARGIT Decision Suite delivers the insight and level of detail users need, when and where they need it. You get the scheduled reports, real-time dashboards, and user-friendly analyses needed for knowledge sharing and better decision making.

"This will ultimately save taxpayers money because the municipality is far better equipped to collect knowledge from data."


Easy Access to the Data you Need

Integrate data from inside and outside the data warehouse and organization without help from IT. Rest assured that TARGIT's robust data governance and security measures keep your data up to snuff.

It's simple to add WRAC, managerial appraisals, and employee satisfaction analyses to mash up and analyse within the TARGIT system.
You can even benchmark against other municipalities using MIS data. 

Ready Try it for Yourself?

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TARGIT Keeps Municipalities Buzzing

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