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Increased transparency through open data

Today, people expect to be able to access information and services electronically when and how they want.

Increasingly, this is true of government data as well.
We believe we have arrived at a tipping point at which good government means open access to data about municipalities and the goverment citizens rely on.

increased Visibility

Visibility into the efforts carried out in both states and municipalities.

improved services

Better service to citizens. Information shouldn't be stored away for long-term reports that no-one reads.
data Discovery

time saved

Politicians, citizens, and the press can be referred to analyses instead of making one ad-hoc report after another.

TARGIT for public solutions

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Aarhus Municipality

In 2014, the city council in Aarhus adopted what they called the Aarhus Goals, which serve as benchmarks for the direction in which the city council wishes to develop the city. To support the Aarhus Goals, an app was developed for the municipality's politicians at the beginning of 2016, describing developments in the various goals. After working briefly on the app in the political circles, it was decided that it should be shared with the city's citizens.

Today, the solution is also used as a platform to share information about developments in the refugee area and in relation to Business Region Aarhus.

Explore the solution here

Ministry of Education

The portal was launched in early 2016 and had over 100.000 visitors during the launch. It is part of the Ministry's Openness Initiative, which provides students, parents, teachers, management, and school leaders with access to data about individual primary schools and thus provide a good basis for dialogue about school development. 

Currently the solution covers the areas - Characteristics, Well-being, Absence, Competency coverage and socio-economic reference, and the plan is that there will be an expansion in the coming year.

Explore the solution here

Read more about the solution here

Viborg Municipality

This solution is available via Viborg municipality's website, where the citizens of the municipality and other interested parties can easily and comprehensively explore a variety of different information. Users can dive into the individual subject areas and check up on the level of service, compare different institutions, and more. From the individual key figures analysis, users can link to a similar analysis within the country's other municipalities. For this purpose, FLIS's key figures are used. 

The solution also opens up for citizens to investigate the individual institutions' finances and sick leave, which is a good (and courageous) example of the transparency agenda that characterizes the public sector in Denmark at the moment.

Explore the solution here

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