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Retail businesses manage incredible amounts of information. Every interaction generates a new record, and every new record is an opportunity to learn more about how to make your retail business more efficient and successful.

One solution for every problem

Business intelligence and analytics for retail can help solve the many business challenges facing the retail industry everyday.

You don’t have time for lingering business problems. When something isn’t working, you need to know about and know how to fix it immediately.

Automatic alerts, returned item analyses, and write-off analyses can give you the advantage of a more agile business.

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Benchmark locations against one another for full insight into company-wide performance.
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Determining Discounts 

Determine the time and amount of discounts easily with markdown optimization analyses.
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Seasonal buying patterns analyses help you predict the future.

Perfect omnichannel with retail analytics

Deliver a seamless experience across your retail store, on the website, and anywhere else your customers visit.

Insight through data enables you to overview your customer journey and act accordingly.

Learn how to better optimize the entire omnichannel retail experience for your customers in five steps

Keep all locations in the loop

When retail businesses have several locations, each store or territory manager has different factors to take into consideration when planning strategically.

Managers can take advantage of business intelligence designed specifically for retail for reporting and analytics to uncover patterns in their locations’ sales, inventory, and margins to optimize their processes. And area managers can compare reports and analyses to make the business as a whole more successful.
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"TARGIT allows us to quickly determine which products to stock based on their individual profit margins, and at the same time respect the constraints employed by US customs.”

Catalin Momirla, IT manager, AerRianta North America

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Become a data-driven retail organization

This is more than software. This is your business. TARGIT Decision Suite's business analytics for retail delivers the dashboards, reports, and analyses you need 

Ready to know how your retail organization can become data-driven? Download the free ebook.

Delivering insight to some of the most respected names in the industry

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What can a business analytics for retail solution do for you?

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