A.W. Chesterton

A.W. Chesterton brings a local touch to a global business with TARGIT

about the company

A.W. Chesterton is recognized as the leading international manufacturer of industrial pumps, fluid sealing systems, high performance protective coatings, cleaners, lubricants, and specialty industrial maintenance products. Today the company has more than 1.5 million sellable items produced for sales and service locations in more than 100 countries.

their challenges

  • The company lacked a solution to combine data from all departments and locations
  • Employees struggled to find up-to-date information and lacked trust in data
  • Limited data was available for analyses, leaving reports largely estimated and budgeting and future casting tedious and prone to error

how we helped

  • TARGIT met the goal of kicking off a BI project that could be implemented and fully functional in 90 days
  • Data is consistent and easily understandable for Chesterton employees around the world
  • Throughput increased, making the entire end-to-end sales process faster and more efficient
supply chain analytics

"TARGIT has helped us predict our coming budgets far more accurately, and it’s allowed us to better prepare our sales force to understand our customer base and their needs before they even understand they have needs."

Tom Meier, Vice President of Information Technology at Chesterton

With more than 1.5 million items produced for sales and service locations in more than 100 countries, A.W. Chesterton needed an advanced solution that let them easily pull reports and analytics from many disparate data sources to get a comprehensive view of company health and activity.

Without a single solution to bind every department from every location together, employees struggled to get up-to-date data on their accounts, leaving Chesterton to work and problem-solve reactively instead of proactively.

Chesterton had been using various models of ERP systems for more than 20 years to store and manage their vast amounts of data. For everyday employees however, that meant there was a pile of valuable data locked away in various systems of which they had limited access.

Different company departments—sales, finance, marketing, and supply chain—would pull data to create reports at disparate times throughout the month or even day. As a result, whenever departments compared data at company and departmental meetings, the numbers never agreed. This was a frustrating scenario for managers and employees alike that went on for more than a decade.

With the millions of products mass and custom produced for Chesterton customers, the sales team struggled to put together reports with what was sold to which company in what industry in what month. Reports were largely estimated, and the process of budgeting for an upcoming year was tedious and prone to error. If territories shifted or new employees entered the fray, numbers became almost impossible to calculate correctly.

Chesterton wanted a BI system that could pull the most up-to-date data from various systems and digest it, then automatically send it in the form of a report to the right people. So their thorough search for a business intelligence and analytics solution began.

The Journey to BI

The company’s first step on their journey to BI began by meeting with the various departments that would benefit from a complete business intelligence for manufacturing solution. Chesterton recognized that in order to implement a solution that was successfully adopted across the organization, they would need input from more than just the IT department.

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