Foley Family Wines, inc.

Foley turns to TARGIT for vine to cart insight

about the company

Founded in 1996, Foley Family Wines, Inc. produces, markets, and distributes highly acclaimed handmade wines from award-winning vineyards in California, Oregon, Washingtonm and New Zealand. Each of the nearly 30 labels in its portfolio has its own identity, production methods, and personnel.

their challenges

  • Everyone -- from winemakers to hospitality managers -- was using Excel to manage data and struggling with the time-consuming, labor-intensive process
  • Foley couldn't manage inventory, plan promotions, or project sales accurately
  • They were spending too much time collecting data and not enough time analyzing it

how we helped

  • TARGIT offered a dynamic system that’s fast, flexible, customizable, and always real-time
  • The system provides answers needed to manage business in seconds versus hours
  • TARGIT streamlines inventory management, reporting and analysis, and improves promotions, sales, and business decisions

Foley Family Wine

“I've never been able to use a computer system for DTC wine sales like this…the amount of time it saves me having to run reports, create spreadsheets and record my information, it's insane.”

Kenny Koda, Senior Hospitality Manager

Bill Foley didn’t build his empire by standing still. He did it by growing, and that’s what he aims to continue doing with Foley Family Wines, Inc.

The 72-year-old founder of the Santa Rosa, CA-based wine company grew it from a single Santa Barbara vineyard in 1996 to nearly 4,000 acres worldwide and the 18th largest wine company in the U.S. At its current pace, Foley will close 2017 with 1.6 million cases.

As competition in the wine industry intensifies, the 200 member-strong Foley team is pushing for 2 million cases a year – and counting on the TARGIT's business analytics for wineries to help make it possible. Like many wine companies, Foley’s accelerated growth has meant outgrowing the spreadsheets they once used to manage data –– and all the painstaking hours that go with them. Since TARGIT came onboard in 2016, every department is reaping the benefits. Five key players tell us how.

How the “Doer of Things” gets things done

Meet Kristina Gerren, Foley’s manager of business processes, aka Doer of Things. Gerren’s done many things in her six years with the company, and in the process, she’s become the de facto systems and data expert for the DTC side of the business. As such, she’s a critical player, and TARGIT is critical to helping her do her job.

“Prior to us having TARGIT we were pulling data out of a lot of different source systems,” says Gerren. “The majority of the work was manually done in Excel, which takes a lot of time. And of course, it’s out of date as soon as you update it.”

The majority of Gerren’s days were occupied with regular reporting that had to be done weekly and monthly, along with the occasional ad hoc reports. “Anything that was truly ad hoc was a big undertaking,” she says, “because we were pulling data out of so many systems and putting it all into Excel and then manipulating it from there.”

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