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Business analytics for vineyards

about the company

Started in 1844, Hess Family Wine Estates is a family-owned, fourth-generation company with a deep commitment to responsible agricultural and business practices. Founded in Bern, Switzerland, the group seeks, develops, and mentors businesses worldwide that reflect the company's values of tradition, quality, and sustainability.

their challenges

  • Hess lacked a user-friendly way to pull data from Dynamics NAV and other data sources into a single view
  • Combining data was daunting and time consuming
  • Employees lacked a real-time view of the entire business

how we helped

  • TARGIT offered a cohesive solution that delivered immediate ROI
  • User-friendly access to insight ensures employees never miss previously hidden details
  • Forecasting that used to take hundreds of hours now takes a few minutes

“We’re now having discussions around the data instead of waiting for the data to be generated. The flexibility is key. If you don’t have this, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Paul Righello, business analyst,  hess collection winery

Since breaking into the U.S. winery market in 1978, Hess Collection Winery has served as a testament to winery founder Donald Hess's belief in sustainable and biodynamic farming practices.

The value of sustainability extends further than the company’s agricultural methods however. With over 150 employees helping to produce over 650,000 cases of wine each year, the Hess Collection has depended on TARGIT Decision Suite since 2004 to ensure business practices are continuously improving effectively and efficiently, opening doors for new sustainable business strategies.

Before TARGIT, the Hess Collection struggled to access data in disparate systems throughout the company. They launched Microsoft Dynamics NAV in 2003, but lacked a simple way to pull data from that system into other databases and spreadsheets. Data was silo-ed in disconnected databases for each department, so a task such as combining shipment and inventory information into a single spreadsheet was daunting and time consuming. Because of this, it was impossible to get an up-to-date view of the entire business with data employees could rely on.

Andrew Ridling, Director of Business and Information Systems at Hess Collection, kicked the tires on a number of business intelligence solutions, but was quickly wooed by TARGIT’s powerful back end cube building and self-service analytics, as well as the solution’s attractive price point. TARGIT allows a level of sophistication and flexibility unlike any other business intelligence solution Ridling has experienced at a price much lower price than the competitors.
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