Normal Creates a New Normal with TARGIT


Normal is a Danish retail chain selling well-known brands at discount prices.

Normal carries a variety of products including household items, cosmetics, and personal care items. 

The first store opened in 2013, and by 2019 more than 220 stores had opened across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.


  • Decision makers’ insights into company health were limited to massive reports in Excel spreadsheets
  • They could not handle the massive amount of data that accumulated every day and struggled to decode their reports
  • The company lacked a user-friendly enterprise-wide platform


  • TARGIT provides detailed product analyses in user-friendly data visualizations that everyone can use
  • Users have access to data from massive data sets on-demand, as opposed to once a month
  • Automatic scheduling saves employees time and frustration


"We tried different front-ends, but TARGIT covered our needs both functionally and visually. Especially our PDF-bursts improved."


Normal wants to give customers a unique experience when entering their stores by offering new products every week. To do so, they needed a comprehensive overview of the company’s products and market trends. But to decide which products to stock, determine which were most popular, and compare performance and retail chain locations, company decision makers had to put together massive Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets were difficult to decode and lacked any type of detailed analyses or user-friendly data visualization. 

Normal had a number of Key Performance Indicators they needed deeper insight into, but because they were pulling massive amounts of data into Excel, they could only access new data once a month. The process was incredibly slow and cumbersome since everything had to be done manually. For a retail chain that needs to stay on top of market trends and consumer demands that could change daily, it simply didn’t make sense to operate that way.

Normal was experiencing rapid growth, and with new stores opening all the time, executives knew they needed to gain control of their data immediately. They wanted instant access to data, up-to-the-minute monitoring of KPIs, and a user-friendly platform that would free data throughout the organization.

The company was on the hunt for a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics solution that employees enterprise-wide would be able to use. TARGIT Decision Suite checked off all the boxes for the features and functions Normal was looking for. And when they factored in TARGIT’s skilled training, proven partnerships, and user-friendly self-service analytics, Normal knew this was an ideal solution.

Normal was particularly impressed with the look and feel of TARGIT Decision Suite’s dashboards. The software’s data visualizations displayed key metrics in a way that gives Normal users insight in just a few seconds. Additionally, the ability to automatically schedule reports eliminated many of the frustrating, error-prone manual processes for Normal employees.

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