Pizza Hut

Controlling franchise operations throughout Belgium & France

About the company

Top Brands is an independent restaurant group based in Belgium. The company owns and operates Pizza Hut franchises throughout Europe. Top Brands currently operates 230 stores with 3.500 employees.

their challenges

  • Pizza Hut lacked the ability to track marketing campaigns
  • Predicting customer behavior was always a guessing game
  • It was difficult to extract and understand data from the Dynamics NAV system

How we helped

  • TARGIT delivers clear data visualizations
  • Marketing has access to all campaign data
  • Users throughout the company have easy access to unprecedented insight levels
Pizza Hut BI for NAV

"With everything in place, we have a solution that can be compared to a Rolls Royce, at the price of a family car."

kritstoff tillieu, finance & development director, top brands

Top Brands, the master franchiser for Pizza Hut, needed a way to better manage their more than 190 Pizza Hut locations throughout Belgium and France from their headquarters in Belgium. The company had been relying on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database to store their data but struggled to make sense of the information. In particular, they had most trouble tracking data on what was sold to better predict customer behavior.

“Before we implemented our BI solution, we could make some queries directly into the NAV database, but it was tedious work that we didn’t do on a daily basis,” says Kristoff Tillieu, Finance and Development Director for Top Brands. “We had a truck load of data, but it was too complicated to extract knowledge from that data.”

Since implementing TARGIT, Pizza Hut can analyze and predict customer behavior. They have the power to track what was sold, when they sold it, what offers customers used, and how long delivery took.

The results are displayed in clear data visualizations in TARGIT and easily shared with relevant employees. Pizza Hut area managers benchmark each store and identity any problems or progression. Based on that, they can do a segmentation of their customers.

The Marketing department uses the information to organize campaigns relevant to different segments. And the campaign results are reintegrated back into the system. This enables Marketing to measure how customers respond to initiatives, and helps them predict what the customer will respond well to. Tracking orders and coupons used also helps Pizza Hut predict what they’ll need, when they’ll need it to meet customer demands. Read how else TARGIT's solutions help Marketing departments around the world track and prove their campaigns.

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