All employees

One integrated tool

We designed TARGIT® Decision Suite to be the enterprise analytics solution for companies who want a single platform to unleash comprehensive business analysis across the entire organization. Any skill level, every department, all insight.

action loop

One agile experience

for all users
Business intelligence isn’t rocket science, but with the amount of failed BI projects that plague companies around the world, you might think it is. We think it should be easy to get the information you need to make better business decisions, faster. TARGIT gives everyone the courage to act.
This is enterprise BI & analytics for the next generation

One all-inclusive analytics strategy

Modern BI encompasses both traditional analytics and new innovation. TARGIT® Decision Suite meets the dual demands of business and IT by combining all data, all people, all BI disciplines in one easy user interface. Get a more comprehensive view of your entire enterprise than ever before. You get the freedom to experiment with data and the confidence that security and quality are ensured across the organization with enterprise data governance. 

This is where raw power meets self-service analytics. This is agile decision-making at its best.

decision platform

For business users

Self-service data discovery with data mashup, alerts, user-driven scheduling, natural language search, and access to insights from anywhere.

BI security

For IT professionals

Robust data governance for the centralized and de-centralized BI strategies and assurance of data quality and security for the entire enterprise.


For executives & managers

Dashboards and reports continuously display the most important KPIs and alerts ensure you’re always aware of changes. Keep a constant eye on performance with deeper insights just one click away.

One end-to-end analytics solution

TARGIT's enterprise-grade in-memory database and back-end tool set means TARGIT® Decision Suite can be run as a complete end-to-end analytics solution. One seamless platform for every one of your data needs. 
TARGIT Architecture

User adoption matters

TARGIT® Decision Suite is uniquely tailored for every data source, infrastructure, and presentation preference. TARGIT’s flexible solution design is scalable for deployment in any environment. Access your solution through Windows, web, or mobile clients and embed TARGIT into the applications employees use most. There's no better way to ensure high user satisfaction and BI adoption.

Not everyone needs the same level of detail and BI functionality. TARGIT licensing gives users the BI experience that works best for them while giving companies the fastest ROI.
This is enterprise analytics for you.

A long track record of changing company culture

"It allows us to ask questions that we couldn’t before, and the answers help us make smarter decisions."

Tracy Amid, Vice President of Business Intelligence

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