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What do you get when you combine 20 years of BI software experience with a community of employees hungry to keep pushing the boundaries of what analytics can do for business?
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Danish Roots, Global Impact

Twenty years ago in Denmark, TARGIT set out on a mission to help companies perform better by empowering employees with data they needed to make better decisions. To do this, TARGIT designed a way to deliver insight from data from multiple sources, and provide access to information for all employees throughout any organization. This was one of the industry’s first business intelligence platforms. The seeds for TARGIT Decision Suite were planted. And a cultural revolution of data for everyone emerged.

Seamless Integration

TARGIT blossomed globally thanks to TARGIT Decision Suite’s seamless integration with Microsoft technologies. The company has since expanded their footprint with inventive new enterprise business intelligence and analytics capabilities for all technological platforms and solution designs. Today, TARGIT is one of the world’s premier business intelligence and analytics software companies.

TARGIT Across the Map

Still headquartered in Denmark, the company now has offices throughout the world. There are distribution offices in more than 12 countries worldwide and a thriving global community of partners and resellers.

More than 400,000 people in more than 60 countries get their daily insights from TARGIT Decision Suite.

Meet the Leadership Team

This dynamic team of company leaders foster an environment of creativity, community, and ingenuity.

A Dynamic Workplace

This cadre of highly motivated employees keeps TARGIT humming with fresh new ideas, exciting opportunities, and an increasingly diversified view of how business should be. It’s these idealists who make TARGIT, TARGIT.

TARGIT in the Press

Press / Product

Top Manufacturing Solution Providers

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TARGIT in The BI Survey 19

The world’s largest BI Survey 19 ranked TARGIT No. 1 in Competitiveness for embedded analytics products and leading in 27 categories in its peer groups. 

Press / Product

TARGIT Simplifies, Streamlines and Sets a New High Bar with 2019 Product Update 3

From easier embedding to faster and more secure login, the new release simplifies, streamlines and raises the bar on the user experience.

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