A unique approach

to business intelligence

TARGIT is more than just a platform. It’s our mission to make it manageable and affordable for the entire organization to make better, faster data-driven decisions.

Introducing TARGIT Momentum

TARGIT Momentum is our strategic framework that TARGIT consultants and partners use to design a unique enterprise solution for every customer. We’re with you every step of the way.

step one

Map your BI needs

We’ll guide you through the steps of increasing the amount, complexity, and utilization of data inside and outside of your organization on your journey to becoming a data-driven organization with one version of the truth.
step two

Measure what matters

Every BI program must establish the metrics that matter most before rolling out business intelligence to employees. We work with you to prevent information overload and ensure everyone is focused on the most important KPIs.
step 3

Establish the best BI strategy

TARGIT’s philosophy revolves around the cycle of observation, orientation, decision, and action. We call it the Action Loop, and we’ll help you define and optimize your BI strategy around these loops so you’re empowered to make more, faster, better decisions.
step four

Ensure wide BI adoption

Implementing a successful BI solution that is adopted company-wide requires the platform to precisely match the needs of different users. We help you understand who those users are and how they work best with BI. One tool, one skillset, and one vision for the entire organization. 

We'll match your needs with the right deployment design

TARGIT's flexible solution design ensures your BI platform is uniquely tailored for every data source, infrastructure, and presentation preference. There's no better way to ensure high user satisfaction and BI adoption with one platform for every user.


With our framework and fully integrated solutions, we make knowledge accessible to all organizations who, like us, believe that the right insight can spark a cultural revolution across entire enterprises.


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TARGIT Ranked a Leader Across 16 Categories

Your World, Your Data

TARGIT has decades of experience with companies in exciting industries around the world. We understand our customers' businesses and challenges. Together with them, we develop and implement action-oriented decision-making tools based on one tool, one skillset, and one truth.

Skilled Consultants & Partners

TARGIT partners with some of the best ERP and business intelligence consultancies in the world to guide companies through this framework. When you have TARGIT, you have the entire network of TARGIT partners on your side. Match your unique needs with a partner in any industry for any specialized service.

Helping Thousands of Companies Make Smarter Decisions

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