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TARGIT for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Whether you have one instance of NAV or many across different business units, you need a way to gather information and make informed decisions. Find actionable insight at your fingertips faster then ever when you bring all of your data into TARGIT Decision Suite. 
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Blazing fast in-memory technology speeds up your reporting -- and your ERP
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With all of your data together in one place, you'll get a complete overview of your business
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Unite your business units and create consolidated reporting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Accelerator

Deploy data models instantly over your NAV solution with the TARGIT Accelerator. The development tools allows for easy customization of measures and dimensions. Read more about what you get with TARGIT Accelerators.

Pre-built data models

We'll match the unique needs of any business area with pre-built models that make it fast and easy to get started. See some of the models available right out of the box.


When you combine TARGIT with your CRM and Customer Relationship Management module in NAV, you'll have an instant overview of your pipeline metrics. We'll help you get started with a range of measures and dimension, including: 
  • Estimated value
  • Probability percentage
  • Chance of success
  • Campaign
  • Sales cycle stage
  • Customer 

Confidently assess the health of your pipeline with all of your sales opportunities in a single dashboard then drill down to analyze the details of each region, salesperson, or deal and make informed decisions faster.


Get up and running instantly with general, customer, and vendor ledger right out-of-the-box. TARGIT for NAV comes standard with analyses and reports that deliver an easy overview of your most critical reports. Start analyzing your data immediately with some of the measures we've included:

  • Amount
  • Customer balance
  • Credit limit utilization
  • Customer
  • Company
  • Posting period

Dive in to your customer balance from a snapshot of outstanding charges or put TARGIT to work for you with automatic notifications for when a customer is approaching their credit limit. 

Project Management

Uncover a new array of insight into project management. TARGIT for NAV delivers a comprehensive understanding of employee efforts and project performance. Analyze across a wide range of measures and dimension, including:

  • Planned cost
  • Price planning variance
  • Price planning index
  • Employee
  • Job task
  • Invoice entity

The analysis above breaks out costs for various project activities and items in a given project. Click on any entry to drill down and see where the data comes from.


Analyze how your company generates revenue and which products are most successful. Create dashboards and drill into your data to reveal the why behind the what. And never worry about missing a detail thanks to TARGIT's notification agents that alert you when key metrics change.

  • Sales invoice quantity
  • Outstanding quantity
  • Profit % 
  • Business posting group 
  • Bill-to-customer 
  • Shipment period

Assess top products with an analysis of turnover rates on each product then drill down to learn why some products succeed and others fail. Identify trends and areas to grow your business with all of your data at your fingertips.

Supply Chain Management

See how your money is spent with all of your purchasing and inventory information in one dashboard. Get instant insight into inventory valuation as well as a quick vendor overview with reports. Some of the measures and dimensions included out-of-the-box are:

  • Quantity changes
  • Inventory value average 
  • Inventory turn rate 
  • Item 
  • Inventory location 
  • Vendor

When you start with the pre-built Inventory Valuation report, you get a complete overview of the development of your inventory. Find more details by applying criteria to see the numbers for the items that belong to a certain company, location, or a specific item group.

Don't take our word for it

Hear the story from three customers who added TARGIT Decision Suite to their NAV solutions. You'll read about their journeys to becoming data-driven and see some examples of the dynamic dashboards they're using to better manage their organizations.
Embedded BI

Embedded BI

Open analyses and reports directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV

When you embed TARGIT directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, everyone has access to the same data. Because TARGIT is context aware, the data that's immediately relevant generates first. And TARGIT's user-friendly interface allows users from every department to jump right into analyses from there. No more toggling between applications. No more outdated spreadsheets in your inbox.

See Other Data Sources

Don't be boxed in by data source limitations. Integrate data from all your systems and databases into a single world view.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Can’t find your data source above? Don’t worry, with thousands of installations worldwide, we've worked with data from almost every business application and database. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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