a new era

of modern marketing

Instant Access to Campaign Results

With business intelligence and analytics designed for Marketing, you get the insight you need to shape the customer journey from beginning to end.

Gain better control of your multi-channel Marketing campaigns and create a truly customized experience for customers and prospects.

Get instant access to data on Marketing leads and their effect on the Sales funnel. Show the Marketing impact on company revenue in near real-time with hard numbers. 

This is business intelligence and analytics designed for Marketeers.

Prove the Effectiveness of Marketing

Easily compare different Marketing channels to focus resources where they matter most.

Monitor email campaigns and online advertisements to learn from what's working and what's not.

Analyze SEO effectiveness to improve content and campaigns to climb search rankings.
Better understand online activities of customers and prospects.
Better manage product launch campaigns with precise insight into effective customers and partners to leverage.
Set up goal completion notifications and alerts when numbers fall outside pre-set parameters.

One Platform, Every Tool You Need

TARGIT's comprehensive BI and analytics for Marketing platform offers intuitive dashboards, data discovery, reporting, and data visualization tools in a single, integrated platform.


TARGIT Decision Suite’s self-service analytics tools are intuitive enough for the casual user and powerful enough for the technical expert.


Access dashboards from desktop, mobile devices, or embedded directly in the platforms employees already work most. Analyze underlying data in a single trend and spot trends as they appear.

Data Discovery

Your data warehouse is no longer the limit for your analytical needs. Integrate and mash up millions of data sets in an intuitive user interface, including customer surveys, Excel spreadsheets, and big data depositories.

Data visualization

TARGIT has an extensive library of interconnected charts and gauges to help users better tell the complete story of their data in simple, visually compelling ways.


Intuitive reporting tools reduce the need for IT. Development time is slashed with tools that make it possible for the same report to be used across departments and throughout the company with simple email sharing and robust data governance.

integrate data from any source

All your data from any data source

TARGIT Decision Suite seamlessly integrates data from your CRM, ERP, web metrics, e-commerce platform, and other relevant data sources to produce comprehensive reports and analyses on the KPIs you need to make better Marketing investments and decisions.

See it in action

Let's get started

It’s time to take your Marketing analytics to the next level.

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